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1 Bottle MiracleBest

1 bottle Miraclebest.
60 Tablets/Bottle. 1 Month supply. 


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3 Bottles MiracleBest

3 bottles of Miraclebest.
60 Tablets/Bottle.  3 Months supply.
三瓶。 三个月分量。  

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6 Bottles Miraclebest

6 bottles of Miraclebest. Half-year supply.
六瓶。 半年量。  

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1 Box 12 bottles Miraclebest

One Box (12 Bottles of Miraclebest). 1 Year supply. 
一盒, 12 瓶。 一年量。

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About Miraclebest

Miraclebest is a product of Lifetree Health LLC. The main component is Serrapeptase.
Miraclebest has 60 tablets per bottle, and lasts for 1 Month. Miraclebest should be taken on an empty stomach once in the morning and one time before bedtime. The Miraclebest tablets can be swallowed whole, or chewed.
Serrapeptase is an enzyme and has been shown to help with decreasing inflammation and dissolve and clear calcium and plaque buildup in arteries, blood vessels and capillaries, and improving blood circulation throughout the body.
The ingredients have been used safely for over 30 years in Germany and Japan. Serrapeptase has over 40 documented clinical studies. There is some evidence of gastrointestinal irritation in elderly patients with use of the product over a long period of time, though this is rare.
Lifetree, Inc. have been selling Miraclebest for over 9 years (Previously the product was named Miraclezyme). Lifetree contracts the production of Miraclebest to a NSF and GMP certified manufacturing company in Arizona.

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